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store policy

customer bill of rights


Trinkets Spa believes that everyone who walks through our doors should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. We are committed to making you feel welcome…no matter your race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, citizenship, ancestry, appearance, or any other personal or physical characteristics that make you who you are.


Any Trinkets Spa employee who either engages in or fails to report discrimination is in violation of our Company policies by not reflecting our values or our commitment to make you feel welcome. This is unacceptable to us, and we will take action -  including termination of employment where warranted.


You are part of this community and we respect your rights. Trinkets Spa prohibits unreasonable searches or any profiling of customers by our employees. We require all asset protection employees to identify themselves when interacting with you and to provide you with their names upon request. We strictly prohibit the use of excessive force or threatening and intimidating language.

A person may only be detained if an authorized employee reasonably believes that the person is committing or attempting to commit shoplifting or another crime on the premises. If a person is detained, it may only be done in a reasonable manner and for a reasonable amount of time to permit investigation or questioning.

Nothing in this statement is intended to limit any other obligations of the Store or rights that you may have under any local, state, or federal laws. If an incident does occur, we will take action quickly because we respect your rights.



We thank you for choosing to shop with us and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. You are welcome here.

If you have an instance of suspected profiling, discrimination, or any other violation of this statement in a Murrell Group, LLC or Trinkets Spa contact the Store Manager. Ask any associate for the Store Manager’s contact information.

  • Trinkets Spa's  Office Number: 7067867674  (Friday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST)

  • Trinkets Spa email:

  • Trinkets Spa Contact-us:  

privacy & safety

At Trinkets Spa, we are committed to creating an environment free of hazards for both employees and guests. Establishing, implementing, and enforcing good safety standards and best practices ensure we accomplish this goal. We will ensure appropriate training is conducted to best protect our employees, customers, facilities, and resources. Safety is a shared responsibility in which each and every employee must take ownership of his or her own safety and the safety of their co-workers and customers.

payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Affirm

- Cashapp

- Offline Payments

Trinkets Spa is a woman, veteran, Christian, minority owned business.  We appreciate your business and the trust you have placed in us.  Our work principles and beliefs are founded on the Holy Bible as we seek to be the extended hand of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  This reason restricts us from participating in any action that goes against the principles outlined in the Holy Bible.  The explanation and decisions made within this organization are based on the owners' and managers' understanding of the scripture.  It is our sincere hope that you are will always feel welcome here through the kindness and respect you are shown during your visits.

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