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Party Information

Note:  Although a robe will be provided for each guest, clothes must be worn under it.

- Music will be provided, but parents are encouraged to bring their child's favorite songs.

- Table and Chairs are available and may be used by you and your guests.

- Our linens usually match the color of our theme parties.*  If no theme is reserved, the shop theme of the month will be applied.

- Designated spa services and activities mentioned in each theme party are included in the package.

- Cupcake Bar with various trimmings is available.  The cost is $15 per half dozen.

- The following meals are available.  Please choose one of the following:  Hamburger, Hotdog, or Pizza.  The cost is $5 per participant.

- There is a five guests minimum and ten guests max.  If you host a party with fewer than five guests, you will still be required to pay for five guests.  Parties of six or more participants need an additional hour.  The extra hours start at $100.00

- Most parties are broken down as follows: 15 min for dressing and consultation, 1.5 hours for services and activities, and 15 min for closure and dressing.  There are some exceptions.

- There is a $100 deposit for parties of 5 and a $200 deposit for a party of 10.  The deposit is non-refundable.


- If the party should be rescheduled or canceled, a $100 in-house credit will be issued, and it may be used to purchase items or services within the spa.

- Press-On Nails are applied using glue or a strip.  They are not meant to be permanent.  They will come off and can be removed with water.  Once applied, there is NO REFUND.

No foods except the birthday cake may be brought into Trinkets Spa and Play.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notification.

Services are for entertainment purposes only.  The makeup is designed to wash away or come off with water or makeup remover.

- Participants are provided spa robes, slides, and masks.  These items are not personal and must be returned at the end of the play.

- Champagne flutes and other beverage holders are provided with the beverages.  These are spa staples and must not leave the spa areas.

- Sugar, Spice or Everything Nice Memberships are available


- Please visit our boutique

- We have a referral program and loyalty program available.  Information is available at the front desk.

- All the tools and equipment required for the services and activities will be provided.

- Trinket parties come with tableware, serveware, centerpiece, and napkins.  Tableware, Serveware, centerpiece, and napkins for theme parties may be purchased from us or provided by parents.

- Military Discount 10%.

- Tiara for birthday girl's use.

- Popcorn may be purchased.  The cost is $5.00 per child without a party and $3.00 per bag with a party.

- All parents of minors must sign the waiver.

- Theme party colors are available upon request for an extra fee.  These customizable setting start at $350.00.

- Please notify us if your child has an allergy or other health issues.  These issues include Covid, lice, pink eye, or an allergic reaction to specific substances included in makeup.


- Hosting parents of birthday parties or other events are held accountable for the children they invite to attend their birthday party.


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