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our fab story

"Everyone is special and there is a little princess in all of us!"


Trinkets are considered of little value but if we take the time to look at the necklace, the bracelet, or the broach a little closer we will recognize how special it truly is. 

Here at Trinkets Spa & Play, we believe that every little girl deserves to be treated special because she adds value to the lives of those that she comes in touch with.  

This belief is reflected in our beautiful decorations, the 2 hours all-inclusive parties we provide, the handmade facial products that we create using natural items, the activities such as cosmetic-ology that encourage the girls in math, science, and entrepreneurship; and more so in the outreach, we do to assist girls within our community.  We do all we can to uplift and encourage our clients to be there own kind of beautiful...that means being the best you can be!

Their beautiful doesn't look like anyone else's and that's what makes them unique!  So welcome to Trinkets Spa & Play where we are our own kind of beautiful!  A place where fun is expected, dress up is the norm, capes are welcome, and unforgettable memories are created every day!

Welcome To Trinkets!

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